The original Jollypop Pacifier

Join millions of families that trust and use the Jollypop pacifier as it is the only pacifier that is trusted and used in Australian hospitals due to its unsurpassed quality. 

When choosing a dummy for your newborn there is no comparison to quality when using the original Jollypop Pacifier. The competition pacifiers are usually bulky, uncomfortable on your bub's face, not a one piece design making them hard to clean and causing bacteria build ups.

The Jollypop pacifier eliminates all the competitions flaws with its one piece design offering easy cleaning and a comfortable shape to fit your bub's face perfectly, causing them not to become irritated when all you want is them to be calm and comfortable. 

Jollypop Pacifiers are made in the USA and trusted by millions of parents in the USA and Australia and it serves as the first choice for families when in hospital with their newborn and then becomes a staple on your journey with your bub. 

Our JollyPop pacifiers are a safe, comfortable and lightweight pacifier, made from 100% medical grade silicone, that you'll find used in hospitals and neonatal intensive care units.

Jollypop pacifiers are made for babies from years of knowledge and experience.

The Jollypop pacifier is the No. 1 pacifier used in Australian hospitals. Due to its safety and unique features hospitals worldwide continue to use the Jollypop pacifier.

With the Jollypop pacifier you have peace of mind knowing it is listed with the TGA in Australia.

The Jollypop is made in the USA from a Phthalate-free, latex-free, BPA-free, DEHP-free, soft 100% medical grade silicone. Babies love the curved one piece with its textured natural shape nipple. Its unique easy-to-hold loop-shaped handle has teething nubs designed for babies to chew.

Our range includes the Jollypop Preemie Pacifier, Jollypop Newborn Pacifier and the Jollypop Plus Pacifier for 3 months plus. 

Jollypop Pacifier - Preemie:

  • Smaller size for premature babies
  • The preferred preemie dummies used in NICU units around Australia

Jollypop Pacifier - Newborn 

  • For babies without teeth
  • Loop shaped handle with nubs
  • Textured nipple helps babies get familiar with using dummies

Jollypop Pacifier - 3 Months Plus 

  • Perfect for babies beginning to teethe 
  • Stronger silicone nipple to last longer
  • Same size, shape & handle as Jollypop Newborn 

Make the right choice for your bub and always choose the original pacifier used in Australia and overseas the Jollypop Pacifier, your bub will love you for it.