Jollypop pacifiers are the number one trusted pacifier used in Australian hospitals

When you give your bub a Jollypop you know you are giving your bub the only trusted pacifier that is distributed in Australian hospitals, with it's unsurpassed quality the Jollypop Pacifier is made in the USA & is Phthalate Free, Latex Free, BPA Free, Dehp Free & is constructed with 100% Medical Grade Silicone & its one piece design ensures it is easy to clean. If you care about quality & care about what you give your bub then there is only one Pacifier for them to have.

  • 5 Star Review | Bonita C.

    Was introduced to Jollypop dummies after my son was given one in NICU, and now I’ve used Jollypop again for my second baby and I could never recommend them enough. The best dummies out there, and one of the only ones where I feel confident they can be 100% sterilised due to no creases and seperate rubber part. And when they’re teething, they can chew around the edges and you don’t worry about hard plastic in their mouth. The whole design is great.

  • 5 Star Review | Ee Wen G

    I have spent more than I should on soothers for my little girl only to be rejected one after another. I noticed that she actually would suck on my finger for comfort and I didn't know that there were soothers out there that has a shape similar to a finger 😅 I initially tried one from Avent however, my bubba has a small face and that dummy took up Half her face 😂 plus there wasn't a handle to attach a dummy clip. I came across jollypop from one of the mother's group on FB and decided to give it a go. It's been life changing since I started offering her the soother the day it arrived. And extra points: I get to also purchase cute dummy clips for the soothers!
    I even bought a set of soothers and clips for my sister in Singapore for her baby due in May!

  • 5 Star Review | Emilka W

    Live in Sydney, ordered early Wednesday morning and delivery arrived next day midday Thursday! Have not used these yet but they are already better than the Avent brand as the Avent brand does not have a loop handle on the dummy to connect a dummy chain. The dummy part that goes into the baby's mouth is squishy like normal dummies are (I squashed it through the packaging), whereas the Avent brand ones are hard and my son never liked them as a baby or as an 18 month year old. Due in 5 weeks with anothet boy and can't wait to try these out :)

  • 5 Star Review | Nicole O.

    We were given these dummies to use in the NICU when our baby boy was first born. Now he won’t take anything else. I feel so at ease having him use these dummies and he loves them to pieces. After having lost the one we were given at the hospital I had to look far and wide to find them. Jollypop was our life saver. These guys were a blessing to do business with and they shipped our much needed dummies so quickly. Thank you Jollypops.

  • 5 Star Review | Lynette C.

    The best dummies! My bub had a bad tongue tie when he was born & wouldn’t take any other dummies. He loves these & they are much easier to clean than other dummies. He also loves that the handle side is fab for teething.

  • 5 Star Review | Emily M.

    We were introduced to Jollypop dummy’s in NICU and love them. I breastfeed and have had no issues with going between using a dummy and feeding.

  • 5 Star Reciew | Dominique W.

    Best dummy! My bub got his first jolly pop in NICU and have used them every since! It is the only dummy he will take!

  • 5 Star Review | Ebony K.

    Swear this dummie is MAGIC. she’s been so chill and don’t wanna jinx it buuuut she went to sleep without being rock and sang to and all those things. Just your vanilla scented dummies. AMAZING

  • 5 Star Review | Catherine D.

    Love these dummies as they replicate the nipple better then most other dummies available. We were given one while our baby was in the NICU and decided to order more. Absolutely love them as does baby

  • 5 Star Review | Zara F.

    These are the only dummies my girls would take. They had the premmie ones in nicu and refused every other dummy after that!

  • 5 Star Review | Tiffany T.

    After trying so many different types of dummies, my son finally took a jolly pop! We exclusively breast feed and there's been no confusion between breast and dummy which is amazing!

  • 5 Star Review | Sarah H.

    My daughter absolutely loves these dummies as she hates every other dummy, i cant leave the house without it literally because she will just scream until she has it

  • 5 Star Review | Kayla V.

    Absolutely love these dummy’s! We where given one in hospital an we have bought so many since then mason loves them!

  • 5 Star Review | Cheria T.

    My bub got her first jollypop from the hospital and she loves it to bits.. we tried other “well known Brands” as well but she just didn’t take a 2nd bite.,. ^_^ so we got extras in case we lose it or hv a few around the hse so we don’t Hv to scramble to find it if she wants it.

  • 5 Star Review | Kiara P.

    Absolutely love these dummies x
    My daughter won't take any other brand. We have been using these dummies since she was born. Amazing quality and always arrives quickly.