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Jollypop Pacifiers

Jollypop Preemie Dummy - Twin Pack

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Jollypop Pacifier Preemie size: For premature babies, for use in the hospital or by recommendation of your doctor or NICU caregiver

The preferred preemie dummies used in NICU units around Australia. Safer, More Comfortable and Lighter Weight! 100% Medical Grade Silicone - Fully flexible with no hard inner guard. Comfortable-curved shape to fit baby's face. Lowest profile and natural nipple shape babies love.

Jollypop Hospital Trial results:
- 98% of nurses approved switching to JollyPop
- Over 39% wanted to switch immediately 
Findings from a US case study of over 900+ Nurses 
  • Made in the USA
  • Unique manufacturing process combines soft and firm 100% silicone with the low profile and curved shape babies love.
  • Two grades of silicone combine to meet CPSC safety standards
  • One-piece construction - adheres to American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines
  • Easy-to-hold loop shaped handle with nubs
  • Two-tone baby bright colours
  • Comfortable, curved shape fits baby's face
  • Natural shape, textured nipple babies love - same as hospital baby bottles
  • Soft and flexible - no hard inner guard
  • Easy to hold, loop shaped handle with nubs
  • Unscented, two-tone baby bright colours
  • Packaged clean and ready to use in individual poly bags
  • From the inventor or GumDrop and Soothie
  • Packaged clean and ready to use in individual poly bags
Jollypop Pacifiers

Jollypop Pacifiers | The number one trusted pacifier in Australian Hospitals

JollyPop pacifiers are a safe, comfortable and lightweight pacifier, made from 100% medical grade silicone, that you'll find used in hospitals and neonatal intensive care units throughout Australia and the world.