How to look after your baby’s nails

How to look after your baby’s nails

Learning how to trim your new baby’s nails can make some new parents feel a little uneasy but we’re here to help!

Keeping their fast-growing nails short and neat means that they are much less likely to scratch themselves, so it’s a task to keep on top of. Even the tiniest of baby nails can be sharp enough to cause scratches to them and you.

Newborn baby nails are delicate and very soft and there are some tools you can use to quickly, easily and painlessly (for you!) keep them trim.

Choose a time when your baby is relaxed, possibly even while they sleep, so that they can remain still as you trim their nails. Distract them with something else to look at or a comforting song so that they don’t clench their fists.

After a bath, their nails are even softer and easier to trim. We recommend keeping them neat but not too short.

Ensure the room is light and bright so that you can see what you’re doing and if it helps, enlist another person to assist. One holds the baby, the other trims the nails!

Rather than biting or peeling your baby’s nails, we recommend that you use the correct tools to lessen accidents and minimise the risk of spreading germs.

Here are the three main tools you can choose from to care for your baby’s fingernails and toenails:

  1. Emery Board

Using an emery board to gently file and trim their fingernails can be quick and simple. Hold their hands steady and use gentle and slow movements to neatly file.

An emery board can be easily stored in a handbag or nappy bag for nail trims on the go too.

  1. Scissors

Scissors can be used to trim along the edges of nails and scissors that have a curved blade can make this process easier and the results much neater.

Curved blade scissors will help to prevent sharp edges and corners of nails, lessening the chances of your baby scratching themselves.

When trimming toenails, cut them straight across to help prevent them from becoming ingrown.

  1. Clippers

A set of nail clippers that have an anti-slip handle are a must to give parents peace of mind when clipping delicate baby nails.

Our Chicco Happy Hands Manicure Set, available in either pink or blue, has the tools you need to keep baby nails trim and neat.

It includes:

  •   Baby nail scissors with curved blades and rounded tips and a protective cap
  •   6 emery boards, specially designed for newborns
  •   Nail clippers with anti-slip handle and rounded ends for maximum safety
  •   A nail brush with hypoallergenic nylon bristles
  •   A portable bag.

This set is a must have for every new parent’s nursery and also very handy if you’re traveling with your baby too.

Keeping your baby still, happy and relaxed as you care for their nails will make the process quick easy and free from distress.

Check on your baby’s nails each week as they grow at such differing rates and this will help you to keep on top of keeping them trim. Fingernails tend to grow much quicker than toenails so watch out for these more often.

If your baby is still scratching themselves even with well-trimmed nails, baby mittens can help to keep this at bay.

To find out more about our range of baby grooming products, click here.

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